Cowboy Up Kentucky Horseback Riding Offers One Hour, Two Hour, Three Hour, and Full Day Horseback Riding As Well as Horse Camping Vacations

 Exploring the Horseback RidingTrails of Western Kentucky!

Please let us introduce you to one of Man's most Noble and Trusted Friends... The Horse! Nature has provided this creature with strength, endurance, intelligence, beauty, dignity, and loyalty.

Man befriended the Horse.... And conquered this Great Nation astride this elegant animal. With much sweat and labor, the horse has carried us across the United States of America over mountains, through valleys and rivers. We fought wars from atop his back and this noble creature went willingly to his death in our behalf.

Now, Although the Horse is no Longer our Only Means of Transport, he has remained one of our closest companions.

Cowboy Up Kentucky Would Like to Share this romantic and wonderful connection between man and horse with you, your family and friends.

What does Cowboy Up Kentucky Offer? 

We take folks out for hourly horseback riding, multiple hour riding, all day trail riding, and horse camping trips! You may want to do a horse rental by the hour by the day, or make your own multiple day vacation in the Beautiful Shawnee National Forest in Southern Illinois, or at Wranglers Camp in LBL!  

Choose Hourly Horseback Riding or We can Tailor Your Full Horseback Riding Vacation at one of two Premier Horseback riding Campgrounds located in Western Kentucky or Southern Illinois! Private luxury cabins are also available upon request in the Beautiful Shawnee National Forest.

We Do Corporate and Private Horseback Riding Parties that not only include horseback riding, but swimming, boating, fishing, hiking, and camping, all on site in Benton Kentucky, or at one of the many Premier Horse Camps in Southern Illinois or at Wranglers Horse Camp in LBL!  You may want to consider an ultra private cabin in Shawnee for your exclusive romantic getaway or throw down at a public horse camp where you will meet new friends and do some socializing! 

Cowboy Up Kentucky's Goal

Allow our fellow Americans to experience the beauty of the wilderness in Western Kentucky and Southern Illinois from the back of the horse much as our ancestors did. We vow to incorporate your day ride through fields and forests, or your full vacation in the midst of nature into a a true learning, exciting, and very interesting experience both on and off the horse.